Configure a dozen hidden settings in Internet Explorer 9


  • Pleasant, easy-to-use interface design
  • Possibility to undo any changes
  • Varied selection of tweaks


  • No documentation included in the program


TweakIE9 is a handy utility that lets you modify and customize certain parameters and configuration options in Internet Explorer 9.

Some of the options are already available in the browser itself, but TweakIE9 makes them easier to find and tweak. The program features a clean, eye-catching interface design and it’s very easy to use – which is good, since it doesn’t include any documentation.

Among the tweaks included in TweakIE9 you’ll see the option to enable the menubar on top, configure the number of downloads, manage search providers and create special IE9 shortcuts to start the browser without add-ons or using the InPrivate mode.

Despite not having much information about each option included in the program, TweakIE9 is still a handy utility for make the most of Internet Explorer 9. Also, in case something goes wrong, you can always undo the changes.

TweakIE9 lets you easily modify and customize certain options in Internet Explorer 9 to make it fit your needs.




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